Our partners


Sweco is a leading Scandinavian design and engineering consultancy with headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden.


Sarma & Norde

Sarma&Norde is a leading architectular practice in Latvia owned by renowned architects Visvaldis Sarma and Janis Norde. Since its foundation in 1993, Sarma&Norde has been the architect for a large number of prominent developments in Riga.


MARK Arhitekti

MARK Arhitekti was founded in 2006 by architects Aleksejs Birjukovs, Janis Sauka and Martins Osans and it is currently employing more than 20 professionals. With a young and dynamic team, it brings to market contemporary architecture and modern approach to the design process with special attention paid to sustainable building solutions.



Grupa93 is a leading Latvian consultancy firm in the field of urban planning and regional development. In the 20+ years of its existence, Grupa93 has accumulated experience in more than 100 local and district municipalities of different scale, state institutions, companies and private land owners mainly in Latvia, and also in Lithuania, Estonia and Russia.



Reģionālie projekti

Reģionālie Projekti is a leading spatial planning company in Latvia. They provide professional territory planning and strategic development services for public and private sector entities since 1998. 



Asteroid is branding and multi-design agency. Asteroid uses overview effect, the same as astronauts in Space, to develop meaningful brands and evaluate the impact they create. Asteroid highlights brand's uniqueness through multi-design competencies, making it visible to others.


Arco Real Estate

Arco Real Estate is a leading real estate brokerage company in Latvia founded in 1997. The company was originally part of Arco Real Estate group listed on Tallinn Stock Exchange. Since 2017, the Latvian unit became independent through a management buy-out.



Latio is a leading real estate brokerage company in Latvia providing a full range of services. Latio was founded in 1991.



BYPASS specialises in wide range of construction related services: design, technical supervision, construction project management, consultations on construction and design during various stages of construction process, as well as analysis of real estate before the deal.



Construction company Kvadrum was founded in 2004. The company is proud of its many satisfied customers, for whom new buildings have been built and existing buildings have been reconstructed, with quality, professionalism and a high sense of responsibility for the work entrusted as the main criteria, fulfilling the function of the main contractor.


PRO DEV is a construction company that successfully combines trade skills with a state-of-the-art approach to planning and building construction projects. In more than 10 years of its operation the company has completed large number of projects throughout Latvia.


Būves un būvsistēmas

Over the years "Būves and būvsistēmas" have become recognized and respected in Latvia in providing construction supervision, construction project management, construction consultancy, engineering consultancy, technical surveys, monitoring of use of construction funding and other services related to construction.



BlueOrange is a modern technological bank founded in Latvia in 2001 that provides financial, lending and investment services for private clients and corporate companies. The Bank provides its services in Latvia, the Baltic States and European countries and is focused at ongoing development of innovative solutions.



Swedbank Latvia is the largest bank in Latvia which nearly 1 million people and over 71,000 businesses have chosen as their partner in financial matters. It is a market leader in Latvia in providing mortgage loans to local home-buyers. Swedbank Latvia is part of Swedbank group, Sweden.



SEB Latvia is part of SEB, a leading Nordic banking and financial services group. 



Luminor is the 3rd largest banking and financial services provider in the Baltic banking market majority owned by Blackstone, the leading alternative investment firm in the world specializing in private equity, credit and hedge fund investment strategies, headquartered in the US.



The National Alliance of Real Estate Developers (NNĪAA) brings together the most significant players of the industry in order to achieve sustainable development of the real estate industry, represent it in a collective manner on state and local government level, as well as emphasise the role of real estate developers within the economy of Latvia.